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Health & Medical Narration

I offer medical & healthcare focused voiceover that is delivered with accuracy, precision and a trustworthy style. Medical narration requires the expertise of a professional that is immersed in the discipline. As a former clinician & researcher in healthcare, I am experienced in the field and fluent in health & medical terminology. My clients include some of the world's biggest health, wellness & medical brands, hospitals, labs, universities and pharmaceutical companies.

My health & medical voiceover specialties:


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"The pinnacle of professional. Apart from having a fabulous voice, Jac really doesn't even need direction. She's got the experience and instinct to turn the most drab of medical texts into beautiful, engaging voiceover. The process of working with Jac is a breeze, and the final product is already mastered, ready for the world to hear. Repeat customer here, and will continue to be one!"


- Rick Flynn

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